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Moyowosi Game Reserve and Uvinza Open Area

These protected areas are located in northwestern Tanzania and is the largest for when FCF is responsible. The combined area of the Moyowosi Game Reserve concessions and the Uvinza Open Area is 3.1 million acres. The habitat of these reserves varies from huge swamps to open flood plains, which adjoin large areas of Miombo forest.

Lion, leopard, buffalo, crocodile, topi, Lichtenstein’s hartebeest, and sitatunga are found in Moyowosi. Also occuring are also home to warthog, baboon, zebra, sable, roan, eland, bushbuck, oribi, common and Bohor reedbuck, East African duiker, hyena, hippo and Defassa waterbuck. The swamp is an important wetland habitat for rare water birds including the wattled crane and the shoebill stork.



FCF employs 25 men full time which are divided into five rapid action teams (RATs). Elephant poaching for ivory, illegal fishing, illegal entry and grazing of domestic livestock, illegal timber felling and bushmeat poaching are major problems in these areas.

Due to lack of road infrastructure and remoteness of the area, FCF has deployed a microlight to enhance patrolling. It has proven to be extremely effective in streamlining anti-poaching efforts in this massive area.


Community Development  

Traveling between the villages bordering these areas can be a matter of days or even weeks during the rainy season (six months out of the year). The FCF Community Development Field Officer for this area does not let the conditions deter his travel. If needed, the officer will travel by bicycle to reach the most remote of villages.

FCF meets with Village Environmental Committees to discuss the importance of conservation. Through close communication and careful cooperation, FCF has implemented a series of successful conservation projects with the communities in these areas. Examples of such projects include VICOBAs (village community banks) which include savings and micro-finance groups, student scholarships, environmental education, reforestation tree nursery programs, and supporting the Uvinza clinic.


GIS & Research  

This area is a vast and complex riverine floodplain in northwest Tanzania. The area is one of the largest vital wetlands in East Africa and is recognized as a Ramsar Wetland of International Importance. The basin has five main rivers: the Malagarasi, Moyowosi, Kigosi, Gombe, and Ugalla.

The Moyowosi Game Reserve includes a permanent papyrus swamp, large peripheral floodplains that fluctuate widely on a yearly basis, and is surrounded by very extensive miombo woodlands and wooded grasslands including parts of Uvinza Open Area.