Friedkin Conservation Fund
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Community Engagement Anti-Poaching

“Having someone believe in you makes a difference”

-Jacqueline Novogratz – The Blue Sweater

FCF works closely with local communities to demonstrate long-lasting benefits and an improvement of their livelihood through active wildlife conservation so that they have an interest in playing an active role in protecting their environment.

To ensure community engagement and empowerment, FCF focuses on three program areas:


Access to education is limited in the remote areas of Tanzania and is seen as a major challenge. FCF supports villages through a range of projects directed at improving accessibility to education, including assisting these communities with the building of schoolrooms, teacher housing and providing scholarships to students.



Income Generation

FCF provides support to neighboring communities through income-generating projects that focus on what villagers do well and improve their ability to be self-reliant in the long term. FCF is assisting small business owners with micro financing and business consulting services.



Health and Water

For many isolated communities, access to vital health services is limited. FCF works to improve healthcare by supporting and addressing the immediate needs of rural medical clinics. FCF not only supports dispensaries and clinics by providing much-needed equipment and medicine, but also by educating them in basic medical knowledge.

Drought and water shortage is a major issue and the fresh water available is often of poor quality and would not be considered potable by WHO standards. FCF is able to provide reliable and safe water sources. FCF’s fully equipped borehole rig allows the drilling of wells in suitable areas which provides a reliable and safe water source for people living near the wildlife areas.