Friedkin Conservation Fund
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Community Development Anti-Poaching

FCF also addresses issues of poverty and human pressure on natural resources at a community level. Therefore, it is imperative that community development programs are coordinated with anti-poaching efforts.



The privilege of access to formal education is limited in the remote areas of Tanzania. FCF supports stakeholder villages through a range of projects directed at improving accessibility to education, especially environmental education. 



Income Generation

To have a lasting impact, FCF believes it is necessary to help themselves through projects that provide sustainable livelihoods. Through income-generating projects, FCF is able to focus on what villagers do well and improve their ability to be self-reliant in the long-term.



Health and Water

For many isolated communities, access to vital health services is limited. FCF works to improve healthcare by supporting and addressing the immediate needs of rural medical clinics. Many Tanzanians from neighboring areas now have shorter distances to travel to receive basic medical treatment which can mean the difference between life and death.

Many areas are very dry for much of the year and villagers are forced to travel long distances to access fresh water. The fresh water that is available is often of poor quality and would not be considered potable by western standards. FCF’s fully equipped borehole rig allows the drilling of wells at cost in suitable areas. With the support of generous donors, FCF is able to provide a reliable and safe water source for the inhabitants near the wildlife areas.