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Anti-Poaching Anti-Poaching

FCF proactively assists the Tanzanian Wildlife Division by providing anti-poaching teams that consist of highly motivated and professionally trained rangers.


Personnel and Training


FCF trains, equips and employs 120 full-time field based rangers. These rangers work under the guidance of two microlight pilots, five concession managers and two mobile anti-poaching coordinators in the field, all of who report to their head office in Arusha. These field staff and managers are configured into ten rapid action teams (RATs) and one specialist mobile anti-poaching unit.


The combination of FCF’s community work, professional training and use of equipment with the latest technology distinguishes FCF’s anti-poaching program from all others in Africa.

Each anti-poaching team uses a fully equipped Land Cruiser and operates with camping gear, all-weather uniforms, GPS and radio support. FCF has been fortunate in the past to receive equipment sponsorship and operational funding from generous donors and appreciates any financial assistance in maintaining this operation.


FCF anti-poaching teams arrest and prosecute an average of between 1,800 to 2,000 poachers a year. Between 2005 and 2010, FCF teams, assisted by the Wildlife Department, confiscated a variety of poaching related paraphernalia including thousands of wire and cable snares, rifles, automatic weapons, poison arrows, elephant ivory, bushmeat, animal parts and hides, illegal charcoal and hardwood planks. During this period, FCF also removed thousands of head of livestock from protected areas.




Awards & Recognition

FCF’s anti-poaching training and work in the field has been filmed and broadcast by ESPN, Animal Planet and National Geographic Wild. See some of our videos.