Friedkin Conservation Fund
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What We Do Anti-Poaching

“The love of nature is a common language that can transcend political and social borders”

-Jimmy Carter

Tanzania's unique and internationally significant Protected Area Network is under pressure from the illegal harvesting of natural resources. Commercial poaching for ivory and bush-meat, the extraction of charcoal, and hardwood black markets are at levels that threaten the existence of some of the last untamed wildernesses of East Africa.

The Friedkin Conservation Fund (FCF) was created to preserve one of Tanzania’s last unspoiled natural areas and its diverse wildlife population. FCF has taken on the responsibility of preserving over 3.2 million acres of protected wildlife areas that are crucial to the greater Serengeti ecosystem’s survival. Equally important as protecting and saving these last waste plains of wilderness is ensuring that communities living along these unfenced borders benefit from an active and committed wildlife conservation plan.

FCF has therefore defined three pillars of focus:

    -Wildlife Conservation and Anti-Poaching

    -Community Engagement

    -Scientific Research and Monitoring

FCF works closely with the Tanzanian Government and local communities and is dedicated to achieving the best possible results for the country, its people and the environment.