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What We Do Anti-Poaching

Tanzania's unique and internationally significant Protected Area Network is under pressure from illegal harvesting of natural resources. Commercial poaching for the ivory, bushmeat, charcoal, and hardwood black markets are at levels that threaten the existence of some of the last untamed wilderness and wildlife in East Africa.

FCF conducts an extensive anti-poaching program to counteract this threat to these wild areas. FCF also recognizes that much of the poaching is due to a lack of income generating alternatives. Destitute populations turn to illegal activities to feed and provide for their families and cover educational costs for their children.

FCF has developed an innovative community development program aimed at educating Tanzanians and promoting sustainable livelihoods. To monitor trends in these areas, FCF conducts data collection in the field with a growing (GIS) database in Arusha that uses the research data collected for management at planning purposes.

In all three of these initiatives, FCF works closely with the Tanzanian authorities including the Wildlife Division, the Tanzanian Wildlife Research Institute and all levels of the Government.



Community Development

GIS & Research