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Mwiba Wildlife Reserve


Mwiba Law Enforcement, an anti-poaching team comprised of 40 scouts, protects Mwiba Wildlife Reserve. Some of the primary causes of damage to the area and thus the obstacles, which the scouts face, include illegal bush meat poaching, cattle encroachment, fires and illegal dwellers. All of these issues affect the environment/wildlife in various, detrimental ways.

To patrol and protect the area effectively, the scouts are split between four camps, each responsible for a specific area of the reserve. All of the Mwiba Scouts have gone through a wildlife scout selection course and a close quarter combat training program. The scout commanders have completed a patrol leadership course, and a select few have participated and completed first aid training. Each team carries bows and arrows as protection and uses GPS’s and cameras to keep an accurate account of the area they patrol and exact locations at which specific incidents occur. In conjunction with these points they also keep a record of specific species, which is later accumulated into wildlife monitoring data. All records and pictures of arrests and species sightings are downloaded and integrated into informational maps and documents.

The law enforcement in Mwiba has been very effective to date, and the benefits can be seen in the amazing growth of wildlife over the past two years. To watch Mwiba become a safe haven for a multitude of species is truly special; an experience we look forward to sharing in the years to come.