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Roger Gower/Update on Arrests


Following a swift and extensive law enforcement effort, five arrests have been made in connection with the killing of Roger Gower, our friend and colleague. As is now widely known, Roger was killed while piloting a helicopter to assist Tanzanian authorities in their efforts to locate and arrest elephant poachers.

The arrests, including the man suspected to be directly responsible for the murder, were the result of a Friedkin Conservation Fund Anti-Poaching team operation in conjunction with the Tanzanian law enforcement agencies.

In addition to the suspected gunman, other members of the poaching operation involved in the shooting were arrested, together with members of a criminal network providing illegal firearms and facilitating the transport and sale of ivory.  

This extensive operation has also uncovered a wider network of suspects involved in poaching and the illegal ivory trade, which is expected to lead to further arrests.

We are confident that the Tanzanian authorities will investigate and prosecute those involved to the absolute full extent of the law. By bringing these individuals to justice, it will honor Roger’s memory.  We also fervently hope that it will mark the turning point in Tanzania in the fight to protect elephants and our wildlife heritage.

Dan Friedkin

Chairman, Friedkin Conservation Fund

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January 29, 2016 we lost our colleague Roger Gower who was killed in the fight against elephant poaching in Tanzania. We are profoundly saddened by the loss of our dear friend.

Roger was killed while piloting a helicopter during a coordinated effort with the Tanzanian wildlife authorities to track down and arrest active elephant poachers. In the course of this action the poachers fired upon the helicopter and Roger was fatally wounded.

We are committed to honoring Roger and his work. We are also committed to ensuring that those responsible for this attack are found and brought to justice. We believe that Roger can best be honored by redoubling our commitment to protect elephants and our priceless wildlife heritage.

This tragic event again highlights the appalling risk and cost of protecting Tanzania¹s wildlife.

Dan Friedkin, Chairman, Friedkin Conservation Fund

Friedkin Conservation Fund (“FCF”) operates as two separate but related entities – one is a Texas based nonprofit corporation that is registered as a 501(c)(3) entity in the United States, the other is known as “The Friedkin Conservation Fund of Tanzania” and is set up in Tanzania as a charitable Trust.

FCF was established for the purpose of conserving more than 6.1 million acres of Tanzania's protected areas, including its wildlife, wilderness and the local stakeholders of these natural resources.

FCF works closely with the Wildlife Division of Tanzania. Anti-poaching operations, innovative community development projects, and Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping and research programs are FCF's primary focus.


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